Proceedings Volume 119 (1975)

Somerset Archaeology and Natural History Society, Volume 119 (1975), p 1
[Officers, Members and Trustees]
Proceedings: Annual General Meeting 1975, Part I, Volume 119 (1975), pp 2-4
Election of Officers and Members of Council, p 2
Revised Rules and Constitution, p 2
Summary of the Secretary’s Report, pp 2-3
Annual Accounts, p 3
Somerset Record Society, p 4
Presidential Address, p 4

Natural History Section, Part I, Volume 119 (1975), pp 5-11
Hallam, A D, Recorders’ Notes: Botany 1974, pp 5-9
Appleyard, J, Recorders’ Notes: Bryophytes, pp 9-10
Chappel, H M, Recorders’ Notes: Lepidoptera 1974, pp 10-11
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Additions to the Library, Part I, Volume 119 (1975), p 12
Some Articles of Somerset Interest in Non-Somerset Periodicals Received During 1974-75, Part I, Volume 119 (1975), p 12

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