Wyndham Hall

Wyndham Hall Photo: Bob Cramp

This 1927 single storey brick construction sits rather awkwardly between Taunton Castle and the Winchester Arms, whose Georgian Gothic windows balance those in the South West tower across the modern footbridge. It is not in use at present, but generations of Taunton schoolchildren used to enter Wyndham Hall through the C16 carved oak doorway, recycled from elsewhere in the town, to hear talks of historical, archaeological or natural history interest. Religious or political subjects were excluded as a result of the deed of gift by William Wyndham.

A raked floor with seating leads down to a stage where lecturers stood, no doubt with magic lantern slides at the ready. Some consider it an ugly duckling which one day may turn into a swan.

SANHS would very much like to hear from interested parties- especially fellow charities, as to possible future uses for Wyndham Hall. Proposals have included a film club, a display area for SANHS artefacts, an art gallery ….. certainly the source of funding will dictate the eventual use. The Society hopes to be in a position to investigate the way forward for this delightful building in late 2020. There are many nostalgic memories for local people who have had connections with the building, but there are others who think it should be disposed of.