SANHS Natural History Committee

Findings of SANHS Fungi Foray October 2013   Photo: Karen Turvey

The Natural History section of the Somerset Archaeological and Natural History Society is administered by the Natural History Committee under guidance from the Society’s Board.

The Committee usually provides a programme of winter talks in Taunton and summer field meetings around the county for members and other interested persons or organisations, and these are advertised in the Society’s appropriate Programme of Events.

Due to the current pandemic meetings are in abeyance but we are arranging a series of online events.


Poster for Fasinating fungi webinar

Sorry if you missed Steve’s talk.  It was very interesting, all about the Wood Wide Web.  You can watch it on YouTube via this link.

Steve will also be doing some more fungi talks online soon.

Read about our previous events here.

The Pat-Hill Cottingham Memorial Fund, administered by the committee, is devoted to encouraging and assisting high quality research into the natural sciences (biology, geology, paleontology, zoology, mycology, ecology) in the historic county of Somerset by offering financial support for aspects of research that could not otherwise be funded from other sources.

The Committee encourages natural history papers to be submitted to the Society’s Annual Proceedings as a full paper, or shorter communications and reports, for the ‘Ecology in Somerset’ section of the Proceedings.