Our Fundraising

The Society is pleased to receive all donations, no matter how large or small. There are several ways to give money to the Society and you can decide if you would like it to be used towards a specific project or added to the general fund. If you would like to make a donation please click on the donation button above. If you would like to leave a gift or legacy to the Society, you can find more information here. To donate towards a specific project or activity, please get in touch with the Office Manager at office@sanhs.org.

SANHS relies on fundraising and donations to carry out its charitable activities, which range from large-scale heritage projects to acquiring and maintaining the books in its library, restoring its collections, and publishing new books. At the moment the Society is proud to be involved with two large heritage projects; restoration of the Castle Garden, and the Early Dunster project. Both projects are only possible through generous grants and donations. This web site was designed, developed and managed with funds from many generous donors, and SANHS Proceedings is currently funded by a Somerset business.

The portrait of Edward Ellis has been conserved at a cost of £3659.67 from the Museum Collection Fund. It will be displayed alongside the painting of his sister Hannah (see homepage). 

Artist: Richard Phelps (1718 – 1785)

Seen here in Museum of Somerset, the painting of Taunton Castle, East Indiaman of 1790, highlights the career of Sir Benjamin Hammet MP (1736-1800) who was born and educated in Taunton. SANHS paid for the vital conservation work of the painting and co-sponsored the biography of Hammet by Mark McDermott, seen here second from the right. Mark is a former President of the Society and one time editor of its Proceedings. His book is available here. Hammet was an assertive and controversial figure in the City of London. His legacy lives on in Taunton through the street bearing his name.