Castle Garden project

The Castle Garden project was started in October 2019. The site had become seriously overgrown, especially with ivy, bay trees and valerian. Urgent work was also needed on a number of walls that were becoming unsafe. A small band of volunteers have since been hard at work (when government restrictions have allowed) to clear the unwanted vegetation and thereby permit an assessment of the state of the walls and to formulate a plan of how the gardens can be resurrected.

The Castle Gardens are part of a scheduled monument and at every stage of the project, Historic England have been consulted on the best approach. Advice has also been taken from Natural England and SANHS members on how we can both conserve and encourage wildlife in this lovely small green space.


Norman Garden Taunton looking East to St Mary Magdelane
Norman Gardens looking towards St Mary Magdalene Photo: Bob Cramp

How can I help?

  • Would you like to help by doing some gardening? We normally meet on Monday and Thursday mornings.
  • Could you donate some gardening tools? We are working with just a few tools funded by a local company. We desperately need a lawn mower.
  • Could you donate some hardy plants? Some beds are looking very bare after clearance and we have no budget for plants.
  • A small monetary contribution would allow us to buy some plants, especially for our planned wildflower beds.
  • Please email Chris Jessop at if you would like to help out in any way.

The Sunken Garden

The Raised Garden

The Dell

Lower Western Area

Eastern Border

Southern Border