Trustees and Officers 2019-2020

This year’s AGM will be held virtually on ZOOM on Saturday 10th October at 10:30. The link for the meeting will be posted sometime in the next two weeks. 

SANHS is governed by an elected Board of up to 12 trustees who delegate the day-to-day management of the Society to the Executive committee.

The Society has six interest committees, involved with Archaeology, Historic Buildings, Local History, Natural History, Library & Archives, and Publications. Among other things, these committees organise events, carry out and publish research, and award SANHS grants.

There is also a Heritage Grants Committee, responsible for administering the Maltwood & Gray funds, and a Museum Collection Panel, responsible for the SANHS collections, in partnership with the South West Heritage Trust.

Applications from members to join any of these committees, whether governance or interest, is encouraged; the more people involved in the Society, the more able it is to carry out its charitable objects.

Board of Trustees
Chris Chanter
David Baker
Chris Jessop (Chair)
Robert Hutchings
David Reid
David Victor
Sue Goodman
Nathanael Williams
Lizzie Induni
Mark Lidster

Executive Officers
Chair, Christine Jessop
Honorary Secretary VACANT
Honorary Treasurer VACANT
Vice-Chair VACANT

Honorary Librarian 
David Bromwich MA ALA

Rob Webley

Lady Gass MA

Custodian Trustees
Lady Gass MA
Steven Pugsley
Brian Murless

Lady Gass MA

Vice Presidents
Pat Wolseley
Julian Orbach

Committee Chairman and nominations to other bodies
Archaeology: David Baker 
Historic Buildings: Lizzie Induni
Library: Sue Goodman 
Local History: John Page
Natural History: David Reid
Publications: Chris Webster
Weston and Yeovil Wyndham Trust: Chris Sidaway
Bridgwater Wyndham Trust: David Baker
Ilchester Town Trust: Chris Jessop