SANHS Policies

SANHS is committed to upholding the rights and freedoms of its members and volunteers. On this page you can link to the SANHS policies for welfare, data protection, privacy and social media and find out the responsible parties to contact if required. Policies are reviewed annually.

SANHS Welfare Policy contains information about SANHS’ legal responsibilities, its Code of Conduct, and its policies on risk management, catering, safeguarding, and volunteers, as well as the Society’s complaints procedure. The Hon. Secretary is the trustee responsible for the Welfare Policy. To discuss the policy or any welfare issues please send an email.

SANHS Data Protection Policy is shaped by recent legislation and regulations governing the management of personal data. In this policy you can find information on how we protect your personal information, how we monitor information breaches, and how to have your data removed from Society records. 

SANHS Privacy Notice contains information about how the Society processes your personal information, photography at events, third parties used by SANHS, and how to change your personal information. 

SANHS Usage Policy for Reproduction of SANHS images contains information about reproducing SANHS images. 

Social Media Policy

SANHS Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion Policy