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On-line Event : September-October 2020

We had originally planned to stage a public event at Dunster in September 2020 to update on our research and recordings to date through a series of lectures and an accompanying exhibition.  The emergence of Covid-19 obviously meant we couldn’t do this, so we decided to take the event on-line.

The programme consisted of  four live webinars and a range of on-line exhibits available “on-demand”. 

Where copyright permits, we have retained recordings of the webinars and copies of the exhibits for ongoing access in the SANHS Members’ Area. Simply click on the appropriate image to view the item.


Early Dunster - The Story So Far...

Mary Ewing's comprehensive account of the styles and layouts of typical Dunster houses, and how we go about estimating dates they originate from.
Click on the image above to view the notes of this webinar.

Dunster Church Tower from Priory

St Georges Church, Dunster

An in-depth study of the history and architecture of St Georges Church , presented by Jerry Sampson.

A full recording of this webinar will be available soon!

Arch-braced truss

Cruck Building: England, Wales and the West Country

Dr. Nat Alcock gave us a fascinating insight into the various types, styles and geography of Cruck frame buildings.

Click on the image above to read a review by Dr. Lizzie Induni.

The Castle Gatehouse

Isabel Richardson gave an illustrated walk-through of the Early Dunster Project's survey findings relating to the history and architecture of the Castle Gatehouse.

Click the image above to view it in the Members' Area.


A virtual tour of a typical cross passage hall house

History meets modern technology with this computer-simulated tour around a typical Dunster House as it would have looked in mediaeval times.

Cross passage

Video Tour - Restoration of a Dunster House

The owner and restorer of one of our early Dunster houses gives us a video tour of his house showing some of the surviving original features.

Mediaeval Carpentry in Dunster

One of the particular areas of interest within the Early Dunster project is the diverse range of carpentry techniques and styles which we are discovering. This on-line presentation takes a look at some of the findings so far...

Early Dunster so far: the Buildings

A fascinating look through the architectural features that the Early Dunster project is uncovering, and how we use these features to help understand and date our mediaeval buildings.

Exploring House History

What do we know about the history of the houses? Who lived in them, and when? This presentation introduces some of the documents we use to trace that, and some of the stories we've discovered so far.

Dunster Inventories

Early Dunster volunteer Jill Strobridge is an expert at seeking out inventories and other historic documents which help us to understand the history of Dunster, its people and its buildings.

EDP Volunteers

Early Dunster Project Volunteers

A profile of the Early Dunster Volunteers team, whose work in surveying, researching, recording, sketching, drawing and report writing is the "cornerstone" of the project.

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