A SANHS fund raising challenge to enable a manager and editor to work on the website.

Please donate and please share and tell others to donate. It is only through us earning money that we will be able to buy more time so that Louisa can manage the website. The society needs your help!

News update: Each day, if I post news here, it will be transfer to the blog so that the information is not lost.

At 1 O’clock on Day 6 we have raised £154 pounds via our charitable facebook fundraiser. This means we have the ability to buy 11 hours. If we buy two hours a day we will reach our target of £3000. Let’s smash it!

I am currently looking at how to enable donations to the office and from the other social media platforms I am sharing with.

I am learning about hashtags, live streaming to facebook, having a Youtube channel, posting to Instagram, Pinterest and Linkedin!​

Gallery of the 100 pots

Fiona Holmes at work

Pictures from our collections

Fiona's Blog about the 100 pots in 100 days challenge

Find me and follow me by clicking on the following links.

Don’t forget to share and add Hashtags!!! The more money we raise the more time we can buy to make the site work so that we can share our amazing collections, our work and everything the society supports. Together we can make it happen!

Blog and page moderated by Fiona Holmes.

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  1. Fantastic work. I look forward to seeing them glazed. Please keep us updated.

  2. I will! Just getting the posts up to date. I will be visit the collections tomorrow so should get some amazing pictures of pots to share. I am really looking forward to the collections starting to influence my designs.

  3. These pots are incredible, especially as you have only ever done sculpting previously, keep up the good work. The Society is very lucky to have you helping them fundraise for the continuing improvement and development of their website. Look forward to the talk about ceramics you plan to do with a fellow member who specialises in identifying pottery. Hopefully I will be a lucky winner in the raffle of pots.

    1. Ah thank you Chris. I am getting better at blogging. I have scheduled a post for tomorrow already! Have you looked at the Potted potty history link on Day 17? I will do it again soon but I am learning a lot about history!

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