Archaeology events in 2019

Geophysical Surveying Training Day at Milverton

On Saturday 21st September SANHS and the South Somerset Archaeological Research Group (SSARG) ran a geophysics training day for local volunteers at Milverton.  It was a beautiful sunny day which is always a good start!  The site chosen for the survey was a field just outside the village/town where we were looking for possible structures/features associated with a former building.

We started out by measuring in the survey grid and then carried two different kinds of survey, gradiometry and resistivity.  At the end of the afternoon the volunteers were shown how to download and process the results.

Both types of survey appear to have detected a possible rubble spread, showing as amorphous high resistance anomalies in the resistivity and a disturbed area of thermo remanent anomalies in the gradiometry.

A big thank you to everyone for all their hard work as the day turned out quite hot, and the gazebo supplied by Milverton Local History Group was most welcome! 

Liz Caldwell (centre) & participants at the Milverton Geophysics training day Photos: Maggie Dinning
GP Day3
GP Day1