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The Society began creating webinars when Covid made our live events impossible. It turned out to be a real success, and since then we’ve hosted a variety of brilliant talks from speakers far and wide. Click below to view them for free.

Some webinars are available just for members, including Sara Frost’s discussion of St Kilda, and SANHS’ Dunster series.
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“China Comes to Wells” webinar by Oliver Kent

China comes to Wells by Dr. Oliver Kent

The discovery of a very large quantity of pottery dumped in the early 19th century into a backfilled cellar behind the Wells Museum was unexpected. Many of the 750+ vessels were complete when disposed of and cover a period from the mid-17th century to the end of the 18th centuries. Mostly day to day, they provide an insight into changing middling class taste in Wells in the 18th century and the city’s relationship with the wider world. Discover more about theses exciting finds in Oliver’s lecture.
24 November 2022

Saving your heritage: a closer look at local listing presented by Lizzie Induni and Mary Andrews

Saving your Heritage: a closer look at local listing - by Mary Andrews

What buildings are important to our life and culture? And how do we preserve them for the future? The Local Heritage List (LHL) is different to the national list and focuses on the exceptional places which enrich Somerset and Exmoor National Park. Mary will talk about how you can contribute to this exciting project.
27 October 2022

SANHS 2022 Presidential Address Webinar: David Dawson

SANHS 2022 Presidential Address - by David Dawson

An online lecture and discussion by David Dawson. A recording of a Webinar originally held on 16.06.2022. SANHS 2022 Presidential Address - ‘One of the objects of the Society was to establish a library and museum’ (1849): the Society, its museum collection and service to the public
16 June 2022

The Chapels and Meeting Houses of Somerset: webinar by Julian Orbach

The Chapels and Meeting-houses of Somerset: a proud architectural legacy - by Julian Orbach

The talk is about the architecture of nonconformist denominations in Somerset, looking at the chapels and meeting-houses of the Baptists, Congregationalists, Methodists, Quakers and Unitarians, showing what varied and fine buildings there are from the time of Queen Anne through the Georgian period to the Victorian heyday, and into the twentieth century.
24 April 2022

The Wyndham Hall - Local Heritage List candidate

Chris Chanter and Lizzie Induni are in the Wyndham Hall to discuss the building's history, its community value across a hundred years, and the exciting future SANHS is creating here. The Hall has now been nominated for the Local List, giving it legal recognition and protection. Nominate your local heritage at
27 January 2022

Joints in Timber Framing a Webinar by Tony Harding

Tony Harding - A View from the Roof

Tony, who has been working with the Early Dunster Project, takes a look at some of the carpentry techniques found in the historic buildings of Dunster, with the subtle variations and personal touches that carpenters seem to have applied to their work through the centuries.
27 January 2022

A Life in Ruins – a webinar by Bruce Induni

Bruce Induni - A Life in Ruins

Bruce Induni is a lecturer in the conservation of historic buildings but in the past has worked on the conservation of historic monuments. In this talk he will discuss the very specific challenges of repairing and conserving ruined buildings.
13 January 2022

Lord Ashburton and his Somerset Estates a webinar by David Victor and Lizzie Induni

David Victor - Lord Ashburton and his Somerset Estates

David Victor talks about Lord Ashburton and his very extensive estate interests in Wiveliscombe and Milverton and local villages.
13 November 2021

John Page – Locating the Burh in Axbridge a webinar by John Page

John Page - Locating the Burh in Axbridge

John Page reveals both the location of the burh and of its market-place, based primarily on documentary and topographic evidence.
16 October 2021

Martyn Barber – Somerset’s Bronze Age Metalwork by Martyn Barber

Martyn Barber - Somerset’s Bronze Age Metalwork

Martyn Barber (Historic England) gives his talk "Rash Speculators and Competent Authorities – Encounters past and present with Somerset’s Bronze Age metalwork". Part of SANHS' Bronze Age Day.
2 October 2021

Nigel Phillips – The Nature of Somerset's Coast a webinar by Nigel Philips

Nigel Phillips - The Nature of Somerset's Coast

'Somerset's coast is a place of great diversity, in its landscapes, and in its wildlife. From lower shore rock pools, the birds on the beaches, to plant and insect life on cliff tops and dunes, it really is a place of wonder, and it’s on our doorstep!'
10 July 2021

Historic Carpentry: Timbers, Tools and Joints webinar by Joe Thompson

Joe Thompson - Historic Carpentry: Timbers, Tools and Joints

Joe Thompson's very popular webinar on woodworking and timber-framed buildings.
8 May 2021

Fascinating Fungi a webinar by Steve Parker

Steve Parker - Fascinating Fungi

Steve's webinar discussing the curious and diverse ways of Somerset's fungi.
13 December 2020

David Dawson - A Day Out in Dunster

David Dawson presents a webinar on the pottery kiln in Dunster's Old Park.
1 August 2020

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