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Taunton Castle was founded as the centre for one of the largest estates owned by the bishops of Winchester who were often powerful officers of the state in the middle ages. After various uses including the County Assize, in 1874 the buildings around the Inner Ward were purchased by the Society to preserve them for the future and to house the Society’s extensive museum collections.

In this volume Chris Webster has brought together all the evidence from archaeological and historical investigations from 1876 to 2014 including the work he directed during the refurbishment for the Museum of Somerset. He shows how the site is central to our understanding of how Taunton developed and of the roles the Castle has played throughout its history. Despite the expense lavished upon it, it was not quite the formidable fortification one might imagine-part of the outer wall being made of earth was blown down by the wind.

For all his efforts many mysteries and ambiguities remain unexplained. For anyone seeking to solve these in the future or simply wanting a good read, this volume will be essential.

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