A Maritime History of Somerset, Volume One: Trade & Commerce, edited by Adrian J Webb




A Maritime History of Somerset, Volume 1: Trade & Commerce, edited by Adrian J Webb

This is the first in a series of volumes to be published by the Somerset Archaeological & Natural History Society covering original research into aspects of the maritime history of the ancient county of Somerset.

Somerset has a rich and varied maritime heritage, aspects of which are brought to light in this volume. Many communities depended on the sea for their livelihood, not just for the goods that came and went from their ports, but also for the people who were associated with those transactions. This book contains a wealth of information on the trade and commerce witnessed in Somerset from the sixteenth century onward, written by a collective of authors based upon original research.

Attractively presented, with numerous illustrations, many of which have not been published before, new maps, tables and graphs, this volume offers a wealth of information on a subject growing in popularity, and will be of interest both to scholars and the general reader.

Somersets Sixteenth Century Maritime Trade by Duncan Taylor
Drainage, Navigation and Civil Engineering: Straightening the River Parrett in 1568 by Adrian Webb
Porlock Weirs Quay and Trade Development, 1420-1790 by Philip Ashford
The Coastal Trade of the Somerset Ports in the late Seventeenth and early Eighteenth Centuriesby David Hussey
Collins, Mackenzie and the Hydrographic Surveys of the Somerset Coastby Andrew David
Coal Harbour by Mary Siraut
The Development of Watchet Harbour in the 1850s by Ian Coleby
The Effect of the Tide on the Social History of Weston-Super-Mare by Brian Austin