Proceedings Volume 165 (2022 for 2021)

Cover of Somerset Archaeology and Natural History volume 165

Richard Tabor. Prehistoric pottery and associated radiocarbon dating from the hinterland of South Cadbury, Somerset, England. Part 3: Pottery as an indicator of affinity and exclusion. Volume 165 (2021), 1-20

Jonathan Orellana with contributions by Sheila Boardman, K. Marsden, E. R. McSloy, Ruth Shaffrey, J. Sommerville and Sarah F. Wyles. A Bronze Age enclosure at land off Taunton Road, Bishops Lydeard, Somerset. Volume 165 (2021), 21-50

Andy M. Jones and Henrietta Quinnell with contributions from David Dawson and Matt Knight. Revisiting Battlegore: A Bronze Age barrow and its landscape context. Volume 165 (2021), 51-69

Steve Robinson, with contributions by Wendy Carruthers, Charlotte Coles and Mark Corney. A multi-phased site at RNAS Yeovilton, Somerset. Volume 165 (2021), 70-99

Clare Randall and Chris Ellis, with contributions by Peter Banks, Sheila Boardman, Sharon Clough, Claire Collier-Jones, Matilda Holmes, E. R. McSloy, Ruth Shaffrey, Jacky Sommerville and Sarah F. Wyles. A later prehistoric house and Romano-British smithing: Excavation of land at Bancombe Road, Somerton. Volume 165 (2021), 100-141

Andrew Young, with contributions by Lisa Gray, Ron J. Gurney, Lorrain Higbee, Malin Holst, Matt Law, Sarah Newns and Jane Timby. Excavation of a Roman coastal occupation site at the Hans Price building, Weston College, Weston-super-Mare, North Somerset. Volume 165 (2021), 142-158

Stephen R. Cosh. The Lindinis group of mosaics. Volume 165 (2021), 159-171

Jens C. Ø. Andersen, David Dawson and Gavyn K. Rollinson. Patterns of production: Mineralogical report on samples of medieval and post-medieval pottery for the Wells pottery study group. Volume 165 (2021), 175-203

Michael Hicks. Planning for the future. William last lord Botreaux, his dynasty and his soul. Volume 165 (2021), 204-218

Stephen Minnitt. The Crowcombe coin hoard of 17th-century coins, One that nearly got away. Volume 165 (2021), 219-227

Shorter papers

Jessica Cook and Jonathan Hart. Roman crop processing above Galmington stream: Excavations at Comeytrowe, Taunton, in 2019. Volume 165 (2021), 228-232

Stephen Minnitt. The Wedmore coin hoard of 1853. Volume 165 (2021), 233-237

Nick Corcos. A note on the toponym ‘nine barrows’ at Priddy. Volume 165 (2021), 238-243

John Rickard. Stone-framed windows in the Darshill, Ham and Bowlish hamlets of Shepton Mallet. Volume 165 (2021), 244-248

Stephen Minnitt. James and Mary Adey: Coiners in Taunton. Volume 165 (2021), 249-251

Somerset Vernacular Building Research Group. Building Recording in 2020 and 2021. Volume 165 (2021), 252-255

SANHS Vernacular Building Research Group. Building Recording in 2020 and 2021. Volume 165 (2021), 256-262

C. J. Webster (ed). Somerset Archaeology 2021. Volume 165 (2021), 263-285

Ecology in Somerset 2021.

Editorial. Volume 165 (2021), 286-287

S. J. Leach, G. E. Lavender, J. Webb and A. J. Richards. Somerset dandelions (Taraxacum) – 2021 update. Volume 165 (2021), 288-289

Natural History reports. Volume 165 (2021), 290-306

Book reviews. Volume 165 (2021), 307-311

Proceedings of the Society. Volume 165 (2021), 312-315

Julian Orbach. Charles Edmund Giles, an architect’s life (2019 Presidential address). Volume 165 (2021), 316-320

Obituaries. Volume 165 (2021), 321-323

Isabel Richardson by Shirley Blaylock, with a reflection by Mary Ewing.

David Rabson, a reflection by Don Church.

Brian Murless, a reflection by David Greenfield.

S. L. Goodman and D. Bromwich. Additions to the Library and articles and chapters from non-Somerset periodicals and books. Volume 165 (2021), 324-327