Heritage Grants 2018-2019

Annual report of the Heritage Grants Committee for 2018.

We awarded eight grants this year:

1) of £400 to the Mick Aston’s Young Archaeologists to fund a bus for a day’s training at Ipplepen – a highly successful venture;

2) of £2,000 to the Victoria History of Somerset – an offer yet to be taken up;

3) of £1,000 to Axbridge Archaeological and Local History Society together with the Chapel Allerton Society for training in geophysical survey – successfully completed;

4) of £378 to Clare Rendell for radiocarbon dating samples from Low Ham – completed;

5) of £1,950 to Breaking Ground pending further clarification of their project;

6) of £1,100 to Laura Burnett for geophysical survey and drawing related to the find of a decorated Roman lead vat from near Frome (see article in SANH) – work in progress;

7) of £1,850 to Richard McConnell towards preparation for publication of the excavation of the cemetery of the Augustinian Priory in Taunton – work in progress;

8) we altered the object of a 2017 award to Professor Roger Leech for a geophysical survey as part of the Low Ham Project, the reexamination and elucidation of all previous fieldwork carried out on the site. (The amazing Dido and Aeneas mosaic on display in the Museum of Somerset is the best known ‘find’ from here). Historic England, prompted by our support, carried out the survey at their own cost allowing us to transfer the funding to support the commissioning of specialist reports. Those on the painted wall plaster and the coins have been completed.

We received reports on the successful completion of projects subject to earlier awards:

6-2015 to the Wells Pottery Study Group for the QEMSCAN analysis of pottery from Mendip – report in preparation for submission to SANH;

2-2016 to Jodie Lewis for processing environmental samples from sites on Mendip;

3-2016 to Alejandra Gutierrez for ICP sampling of samples from post-medieval pottery production sites;

1-2017 to Pip Osborne for radiocarbon dates associated with stratified pottery from excavations at Chewton Mendip;

4-2017 to Stephen Rippon to commission a report on the Roman pottery from Kingston Seymour to be published in SANH;

6-2017 to Jean Lowe of the Wanstrow Pottery Group for geophysical survey – successfully completed;

9-2017 to Clare Rendell for a software licence for processing geophysical survey data.

A number of other projects are still on-going and their completion is expected in 2018.

It cannot be emphasised enough how important these grants are to enabling enthusiastic people cover the extra ground in contributing important work to our understanding of Somerset’s past. Application is encouraged from anyone who thinks they have a worthwhile project that needs that extra bit of funding to help them reach their objective. Do apply.

David Dawson


1st March 2019

For projects awarded in 2019 see The Cecil Sharp Singers Project