SANHS Proceedings

Proceedings volume 162 (2018) 

This year’s journal is expected to be distributed to members in mid-January 2020. We apologise for the delay. 

Proceedings index

You can view the index for volumes 127 to 161 here. 

The future of Proceedings 

From 2020, members are encouraged to read the electronic version of the Proceedings journal, which will be accessible through the SANHS web site. For clarity, the new arrangements will apply from volume 163 (2019) onwards. 

Those of you who prefer to receive a printed volume of Proceedings, may do so for a charge. For Individual & Joint members, and Associated Societies, the charge is £10.00, and for Institutions the charge is £15.00. Membership fees remain unchanged.

If you would like to receive a printed copy of Proceedings in 2020 please complete the attached form.

You can view digitized volumes of Proceedings here

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