Help and FAQ

What is the Members’ Area?
It’s a new feature of the site which allows SANHS members access to protected content. We set this up primarily for access to the two most recent Proceedings – but the plan is to add more materials, such as unpublished webinars and Commander Williams’ slide collection.

I’m a SANHS member – how do I log in?
You should have received two emails on 18 May 2021: one welcoming you to the Members’ Area, the other directing you to set a password.

I didn’t get a welcome email.
There could be several reasons for this. Your email may not be on our membership database. Alternatively, if you joined recently, the database used may not be up to date and you were missed out. Please check your junk/spam folder – and if a message is not there, contact

I didn’t get an email inviting me to set my password – or it didn’t work.
Familiar advice: check your junk/spam folder to see if the email from WordPress is there.
If the WordPress form to set a password didn’t work – or you didn’t get the email – go to the Reset Password page and enter your email address to ‘change’ your password. 
If you’re still having trouble, email

How are my personal details used?
SANHS uses limited personal data to control access to the Members’ Area:
— Email address
— First and last names
— Username and password
These details are stored securely. 
Members’ personal information will now be used by additional third parties: Restrict Content Pro and WordPress. SANHS and its third parties will not use this data for commercial gain, or any purpose beyond providing website access. 
We’ve updated our Privacy Policy and Data Protection Policy to reflect these changes, in line with GDPR. You can view the policies here

How do I delete my account?
Members can have their online records deleted at any time by emailing