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SANHS Chairman, Christine Jessop


For those who have followed the development of the website I apologise for not having kept this page up to date. Although it is constantly on my to do list, it does get pushed down, partly because of other pressing issues, (like the office manager giving me hassle for various reports) but also because I.T and myself are like oil and water, we don’t mix. At last, I am beginning to get the hang of how it works and as I believe it is an essential way of keeping the public informed about the activities of the society I will attempt to keep in touch on a regular basis.

We have some good news to pass on in that we have three people who have come forward to join the Board of Trustees, one of which reduces  the average age of Board members considerably. Another is an experienced Conservation Architect and the third is taking on the role of Treasurer. David Victor who resigned as treasurer at the AGM to concentrate on other interests has been overseeing the post in the meantime and we  are very grateful that he is continuing as a Trustee. We also have at last had a volunteer to take on the task of the news letter usually sent out around March. Another member has come forward to put the proceedings onto the website, she is extremely quick and has now put most of them on from the 19th century.

Fundraising has been a priority and the committees have pulled together to produce some very good talks, both short and day long. Fiona’s 100 Pot Challenge has contributed a considerable amount towards the website manager fund and a very lively evening led us through her journey. People who sponsored Fiona will be entered into a raffle for one of four of her pots. It is not too late for you to do so, just contact the office. 

Members may be wondering why they have not received this years annual copy of Proceedings. A group was formed to investigate the publication element of the Proceedings to see if costs could be reduced which delayed the process to a degree. The typesetter that was doing that element was involved in a serious accident and it took some time for the company to reallocate the job, they were all fully tasked. It is hoped we will be mailing early January once contributors have proof read their work and it has gone to print.

Mary Siraut has on a voluntary basis managed the publication for the past seven years. The Board decided to give her Life membership as a way of saying thank you for all the hard work she has done over the years. Mary has one final task of amending the index and she will then hand over to Rob Webley. As  no volunteers came forward to take on the role, the Board had to make the decision to advertise as a paid post. Several people were interviewed, Rob being the successful candidate, and shadowing Mary for the past year.

Chris Jessop

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