Good Reasons to join Somerset Archaeological and Natural History Society.

  • You will be supporting a society that formed in 1849 to collect and record the Heritage and History of the old County of Somerset. SANHS purchased Taunton Castle in 1874 to house the collection of artefacts and printed material they had gathered, rescuing the building from becoming a total ruin.
  • SANHS purchased and still own the Norman Gardens, soon to be open to the general public.
  • SANHS have, and still do, archaeological digs, recording and preserving the finds.
  • SANHS have an extensive archive of documents, now curated by the South West Heritage Trust.
  • SANHS have a nationally important library, some of which may be borrowed by SANHS members.
  • SANHS have expert volunteers who give talks, lead walks and help understand the history of the County.
  • As a member, you will annually receive a copy of the Proceedings which will keep you up to date on research and findings of the County in all four areas, Archaeology, Historic Buildings, Local History and Natural History.
  • You will get prior knowledge of books to be published by the SANHS, sometimes able to subscribe at a reduced rate.
  • You will be helping to give the Society the opportunity to continue their work of informing the young generation of the importance of our past.