Day 29: 100 Pots in 100 days
Day 29

Day 29: 100 Pots in 100 days

My diary for today

So today my father spoke to me again about different things I might do to improve my skills with regard to throwing. 

Firstly today he said that I should experiment with form using larger amounts of clay. Today I made a vase which is a new shape for me. I pulled it up as a straight sided pot and then pulled the top out. I like the look of tapered vases so I pushed the bottom in with my hands in order to make the base smaller.  I used a ball that was almost 2.5lb in weight. The vase is a shape I have not made before either. 

Dad also said I should experiment with form. He suggested that I try collaring in, this is a technique that I used in the photographed pot below. The technique requires the pot to push the pot in using the fingers. As you can see the neck of the bottle is tapered at the top. The picture below is my first try at this. 

A little update on the pots I have made so far – the last lot are in the kiln today being biscuit fired. I am looking forward to glazing them. I also turned yesterdays pot (no 28) and the pot from the day before (pot 27).  I will take a picture and add the photographs to the relevant days. 

On the decoration front – I continued burnishing the pot I started yesterday (Day 26). I really like burnishing and I am looking forward to using a fine slip (terra sigillata) and finding out how they colour and pattern using slip that is then burnished

Additional pot

I threw this pot trying to get an idea of how to collar in. I hope it keeps and works as I am also slightly worried that some pots may break in firing. If I do a few over the 100 (I currently have 4) I will be able to use them if one breaks or I get ill and can not throw. My cunning plan!

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