Day 1: 100 pots in 100 days
Day 1

Day 1: 100 pots in 100 days

Day 1 I made three pots! Having never thrown before these pots counted as my 31, 32 and 33 pots. 

I tried to take photographs during the process but failed as my hands were covered in clay. I also did not find a way of linking all elements of social media and website integration hence the 5 day delay. 

I am here now though and here is my first pot!

My first pot

Day 1: Here is the pot of the day. I might show you the others later but for this post I am just showing you the chosen pots.


My preference is hand building and sculpture. I teach and at Kenley Arts we run courses on hand building and throwing. I focus on hand building so this really is a challenge for me. My father has been trying to get me to throw for years. I think he gave up when I reached my mid teens so this really is going to test my sanity and his patience. Having taught, and been a consultant in education, trying to teach me anything is not easy.

Me working on the first pot

I got a friend to take this on the first day. It is the pointy finger technique. As I go through the days you will also see I have a throwing face. Not attractive but I am going to own it with pride.

Thank you Louisa Gillett for all your hard work, Graham Jerome for supporting us to develop a website we can manage ourselves and Chris Jessop for standing by us and supporting us.

Special thanks to Adrian Webb for sharing the interview with me on 10 Radio and David Dawson for your ongoing help with my very basic knowledge about ceramics - you are both amazing and I love you loads.

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