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Intellectual Property Policy

Our Intellectual Property Policy provides the standards and procedures for contributions to our published material on this website and their reproduction.

Making a Contribution
Colleagues can contribute at various places in the website. Please keep your comments civil and relevant. The content you upload must not be:

* Unlawful
* Harassing
* Defamatory
* Abusive
* Threatening
* Harmful
* Obscene
* Profane
* Sexually oriented
* Racially offensive
* Or otherwise objectionable material

General terms of the website
The Administrator will not approve any content that contains anything listed above and will remove the offending material without consultation. Anybody who uploads banned content will be removed from the list of contributors.

Think carefully before revealing personal information on the site. This includes your email, home address etc. You may include your own personal email address in content, but please remember that people may use it to send emails you don't want to receive. We would recommend that you set up a new email account. There are plenty of free email services over the internet.

It is not acceptable to publicise anyone else's contact details other than your own, and we will remove any postal addresses or telephone numbers from content. It is acceptable to include general contact details for organisations, but you must only include publicly available details, such as the address of a library or museum

Please use only appropriate and suitable URLs (website addresses) in your postings. Links to sexually oriented, commercial services or other inappropriate content will be deleted at our discretion. Any URLs you include will be checked by the Administrator.

Giving feedback
Please don't abuse the feedback system. It exists for us to gain feedback from users of the website.

Anyone who abuses the complaints system repeatedly will have their email address blocked. We try to ensure our content is up to date and relevant but if you notice something please do tell us. Contact us through the feedback forms if you think:

* Something is wrong
* You have further information
* You have found spelling mistakes

About your privacy
Our feedback process requires you to provide your email details, but we will only use this information to validate your access and for other service administration purposes. However, we may also wish to contact a small number of contributors to ask them to participate in any publicity or other activity associated with the website. Somerset Archaeological and Natural History Society complies with the 1998 Data Protection Act.

If you're under age 16
Please get permission from your parent or guardian before subscribing. Never openly reveal any personal information about yourself (for example: your telephone number, mobile phone number, school name, home address or email address).

If you are under 16, please do not reveal any personal information.


Published Material
Includes books, maps, reports and archaeology and history guides that we publish as well as SANHS-copyright photographs, map cross-sections, drawings and other materials where SANHS has contributed to another organisation's publications or makes such material available directly to the public. Some of the material may be reproduced free of charge when used for personal, academic, educational, non-commercial research or other non-commercial use. If you want to reproduce SANHS-published material check:

1. What sort of permit do I need?
2. How much will I pay?
3. Apply for a permit
4. How do I acknowledge the material?

1. What sort of permit do I need?
SANHS copyright permits enable external parties to reproduce SANHS copyright protected materials. They are generated to meet the needs of our customers.

Non-commercial use: Some of our material is available free of charge when used for non-commercial use, such as for personal, academic, educational, and research use.
Commercial use: The arrangements under which you can use our materials commercially are explained below.

Copyright Permits – ‘One-off’ Requests. A SANHS copyright permit is issued for 'one-off' requests to reproduce SANHS published material for a specified purpose - for example inclusion in a particular issue or edition of a printed publication. An assessment of the proposed use is made and a formal copyright permit issued. Where appropriate, a fee is levied according to the type and level of use.

2. How much will I pay?
SANHS fees for issuing a copyright permit take into account many different variables - enquiries will therefore be assessed on a case-by-case basis. There is a minimum fee for a copyright permit. This copyright fee does not include the cost of purchase of the SANHS material. With the exception of photographic materials or costs of supplying bespoke graphics which is handled separately, those seeking a copyright permit are expected to already be in possession of the SANHS material that they wish to reproduce e.g. maps, reports, guides and other published literature. In some cases, copyright permission fees can be waived when taking the following discretionary factors into account:

* type and level of use of the material
* term or duration of the reproduction of the material
* whether the use fits within our remit in terms of the promotion of archaeology and history locally, nationally and internationally
* special cases, where the enquirer is from a registered charity or is a representative of specialist interest group whose archaeological and historical remit SANHS wishes to support by waiving copyright charges.

3. Apply for a copyright permit
You can apply for a SANHS copyright permit by downloading the SANHS Copyright Permit form in PDF and Word formats. Email your completed form to the SANHS Office. The completed form helps us to:

* understand your requirements;
* to provide you with details of any fees applicable;
* issue the permit/licence documentation.

If you have any queries about the application form, please email SANHS Office.

4. How do I acknowledge the material?
The following acknowledgement must accompany the reproduced SANHS material:

'Reproduced with the permission of the Somerset Archaeological and Natural History Society ©SANHS. All rights Reserved'



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